Декорация Жнец с моглилой

8.722 грн.

317 шт.
Отличная декорация для Хэллоуина или квест комнаты. Жнец произносит фразу: Look at who comes this way! Do you not fear the Reaper? Perhaps you should if you don't want to have a pine box fitted for you. {Aaaargh. He's caught me in his cold, cold clutches. There is no escape! Uhhhhhhh.} I think you would look pretty good in a coffin. I'll be by later to talk you into one. Ha ha ha., This grave yard is hallowed ground for the dead, once they are buried properly. But if they are dug up, their souls are ripe for the taking! I have been lucky this season, so many souls to take. Perhaps you are next! Ha ha ha!), одновременно он открывает и закрывает могилу. Работает на батарейках.
Декорации и бутафория
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