Анимировання бутафория Страшное дерево

6.461 грн.

303 шт.
182 см анимированный персонаж имеет скульптурное лицо с освещенными глазами, скульптурные ветви и подвижный рот со звуком! Он вращается в талии, произносит 3 разные фразы. 1. "Where do you think you are going? You are trespassing on the cursed grounds of the undead. My roots feed on those that have been swallowed up by its foul earth. Don't worry; I will put the nutrients of your rotting corpse to good use! He he he..." 2. "Do you know your way through this rotted bog? I would point the way, but I'd prefer for you to linger under my sharp branches for a little longer. Why don't you take a rest there on the ground while I watch over you. Nothing bad will happen..." 3. "I haven't seen a traveler yet to trespass in these evil parts and get out alive, at least not resembling themselves. Though you might get lucky. The hideous curses of these grounds might transform you into something better, something like me!" Имеет датчик, света, звука и движения.
Декорации и бутафория
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